Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Is "shingling" even a word? Well, it is now. The shingles have crept up toward the peak of the roof -- and stopped momentarily as The Husband takes a break to make a living. Something about needing to put food on the table? Welcome to my start-stop-start-stop log home world.

Here's a pic of what the house looked like yesterday:

The Husband and his father popped by the house while I was taking pictures. They've been diligently milling boards for ceilings, walls, trim, etc. for our house, and needed to rearrange a stack on the second floor of our house. (By 'second floor', I mean boards lying on the floor joists. No real second floor yet.) So, I got to watch them work.

Look at The Husband. Go Bob Go!


Stay tuned for next time, when I extol the virtues of my African friend.


Cedar ... said...

Yay! for progress! it's taking shape and looking good.

smallpines said...

This is such a neat project. Really falls in the "you're not afraid of ANYTHING" department. It's really pretty cool to be able to see the progress in pics. The beams are just gorgeous.