Friday, October 22, 2010

Woodshed with a ta-DA!

That husband!  I've been asking him for a week what's been going on up at the log house, and he's been noncommittal, at best.  So I go up to fetch the boy today after work and lo and behold, there's wood in the woodshed, which now has a nifty sliding cedar door.  To wit:

Cool, eh?   Remember when the boiler house didn't have a woodshed attached yet?  Here's a view to refresh your memory:

See the white door in the left wall?  It's the same white door in the pic above that.  The radiant floor heat system works like a charm, and now the boiler shed and woodshed are all set...    how's about some, oh, I don't know....  STAIRS in my house?   No?  Oh, okay.   What's next, then, husband?

Kitchen cupboard framing thingies?  That works too.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hidden Progress and a beautiful fall day

So I'm trying to find cool progress updates to post so y'all don't abandon us ... but the progress is all, well, hidden.

For example, Bob filled the radiant floor heat system with anti-freeze, but there's no cool image there ... and then he fired up the wood boiler for the first time (EEEEK! I KNOW!), but again, no picture.  I begged for at least a photo of smoke coming from the chimney pipe, but apparently the boiler's so efficient, there's barely any smoke.  Sheesh!   Plus, it's been raining to beat the band for weeks and so I can't even post pretty pix of the outside of our log dream.

So, instead, I give you bea-u-ti-ful fall pictures from the boy's soccer game this afternoon.  First blue sky day in a while.