Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sweet Sweet Syrup Season!

It's about that time!  Y'all ready for this?

*cue Jock Jams*

What?  I'm a 90s music kinda gal.

ANYWAY, I really just dropped by to say:


The Boy checks a sap bucket 

The Hubs inspects sap levels before church on Sunday

Yeah, that's about all the snow left, even in the sugar bush!

With such a weird-weather winter, we weren't sure we'd get a syrup season at all this year, but Bob et al tapped on Saturday and it ran a bunch right away.  We might have a sweet spring after all.

Although, there's plenty of sweetness around here anyway:

Oh! The cuteness!!   
My father's sheep cupcakes for his 71st birthday this week.  

Monday, February 22, 2016

My new winter hobby

What, you ask, have I been up to this winter in my home of logs?   Welllll......

Mostly this:

And this:

And this:

And some of this:

Okay, some of this as well:

Aannnd, even some of this:

But mostly just sitting in front of the fire.  It is sublime.  If I had to pick a favorite part of this logaliciousness, it quite possibly would be that fireplace.  

I love it.  So.  Much.

You should come over and hang out with me in front of the fire.  It's super fun.   As long as you don't need me to pay attention to you.   And you don't mind my snoring. .

What?  I'm old.

Monday, January 18, 2016

More stairs

All but three steps are done! I've never appreciated how smooth and quiet nice stairs are!

Monday, December 14, 2015


I have one beautiful, lovely, gorgeous step:

 metaphors and aphorisms abound

Bob was trying out the durability of the construction adhesive on one stair tread/riser combination before he did the whole flight of stairs.  But it's the most pertyist step you ever did see!

Pretty soon I'll be walking up and down just to experience the pure staircase perfection.  Who needs exercise equipment?!   Okay, me, but that's not the point.

Stairs.  Well, stair.  But soon: stairs.

The End.

Monday, October 12, 2015


It's a beautiful day here in the North Country!  Blue sky, colorful leaves, warm breezes...   it's our last hurrah before the cold blows in and settles down for 5 months. But today... we are in heaven.

But the real thing of beauty around here?   

The arctic entry floor!   


We have a few pieces in the corner that still need to be laid down, but it's so so SO beautiful!  

Come on over and gaze upon our Arctic Entry in all its glorious beauty.  You know you want to.   

Back steps

So last winter, after we moved into The Log House in December, the Hubs had to use the rickety temporary construction steps out the back door to feed the boiler.   In advance of the heating season this year, the menfolk decided to build a nice new sturdy set of steps.  I was expecting just simple little stairs, but I returned from work to this:

A wee little deck!   I *may* have squealed a little with joy.  

Over the following week, Bob - and an assortment of friends and family - completed the decking and the steps.  

No, the cat didn't help much.

Now I can grill on the deck like a real 'Merican and not in the woodshed.   And the Hubs won't fall to his death in a snowbank this winter.

Which would put a real damper in my plans for a new back door.  Heh.