Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Garden bounty


Pop's cup  --er, garden-- overfloweth

The Girl and GirlCousin pick sugar peas

My own Little Sal "guards" the day's vegetables.  By "guard" she clearly means EAT.

The day's haul. (After sharing with friends!)  Bounty, indeed.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Rogue Pea-Eater

I thought I could pick a few early sugar snap peas from Pop's garden yesterday and add them to a salad or something....    but the dangerous Rogue Pea-Eater got to them first.

"What happened to all the peas?!!"
"I'm just sitting here talking to the peas.  Welllll....  to tell the truth:  I ate them."

I ended up with FIVE.

*sigh*  At least she's a good vegetable-eating thief.

Pop the Farmer, himself.

Oh heyyyy.  Looky here!

It's summery growing goodness!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

More Summer!

It was a hard winter.  But this summer is making up for it!

 Pop's garden is bursting at the seams:

Pea plants as tall as The Boy


What?  Doesn't everyone have peas in their car console?

The Girl and my parents and I went for a hike on Friday.  It's one of our favorite hikes, back to a little rapids and waterfall.

And now we're overrun with cousins.

It's a great summer.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


While we've been entertaining visiting family over the past week, Bob and his father and coworkers have feverishly been preparing (and repairing) camps and boats and docks for customers on The Lake.  So....  there hasn't been much work accomplished on the new house.   But, things are great on the eating front.  Aside from the pot-luck 4th o' July picnic that stretched the whole weekend, we've got home-grown food covered pretty well.

We are co-parenting some pigs -- Inky and Pinky -- with some friends.  We're more like the non-custodial parents, though.  We feed them when our friends are away.  Despite the fact that the kids have named them, they aren't pets; they're eatin' pigs.  Yummy, yummy eatin' pigs.

June 28, 2014
Please don't be disturbed by the fact that I said we're parenting something we're going to eat in four months.  It's just my way. 

Additionally, we are overflowing with leafy greens!  My parents went on a two-week trip to the midwest, leaving me in charge of eating everything from the garden.   It's a big job.  I've ...er.... blessed all the family I can find and a few unfortunate friends with buckets of kale, spinach and lettuce and, based on The Husband's reaction at dinner last night, I'd better not make any more spinach dishes for dinner here.  But, the sugar snap peas and beans are coming along nicely and next week we'll be short of lettuce and awash in beans.  

The message here is:  I will be flush with things to whine about all summer!

June 27, 2014

July 4, 2014   
Apparently, I think strawberries need to be photographed in my hand and nowhere else.

My father's strawberry plants were really productive this year!  And I ATE THEM ALL.   Except what Bob and The Girl ate straight off the plants before I could get to 'em.

Here's some non-food pictures from the past week or so, just to prove we don't only think about eating.     

Just mostly.

Yes, it was 80 degrees that day.  Artists are notoriously counter-culture.

Happy Summer!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

2014 Garden

Well, my father is at it again:   trying to feed half the county with his overachieving garden.  Here's some pix of the progression to veggie goodness:

The annual BEFORE shot, taken May 11, 2014:

 Then a couple of weeks later, Pop put the grandkids to work turning a raised bed.  

Okay, the truth?  They grabbed rakes and went to town on their own.  In the near-dark. 

Fast-forward (past many MANY hours of toil) to this week:

My mother says, "train up a pea plant in the way that it should go, 
and when it is old it will not depart from it."  I'm sure I've heard that somewhere before...

Pop and The Hubs discuss the leeks.  Clearly one of them has insulted The Hubs.   
"What?!  How DARE you?"

 And - nothing to do with the garden - just because I DO WHAT I WANT:

Bob tries to not look pained when his cheesy wife coerces him into a photo.

Prepare for an explosion of produce in the next month.  It's that time o' year!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Walls, vents and other stuff

It's hard to report on some of the house progress.  Like the aforementioned sealing of the basement floor, some of it is relayed in a few words -- and no pictures -- despite representing hours or days of work.  Some things are cool, but hard to take pictures of...  like duct work.

Bob works on ventilation duct from the master shower vent/fan

 But, here, devoted log-ees, are some pictures of a beautiful wall my FIL Jim is finishing.  The beautiful wide boards were milled by The Hubs from trees he felled on or near our property.  To me, that makes them all the more beautiful.

To give you some perspective on where the wall is...  
at the top of the stairs, to the right of the pocket doors that lead into the master bedroom.

Some walls aren't as pretty, but I'm still happy to see them going up!   This one is on the bedroom side of the master bath:

And this one is -- clearly -- behind the main floor toilet:  

Now there's just a bit of trim work left to do in that bathroom!  

*Sigh*  I love spending time in the new house.  

Bathroom walls, vents and all.