Thursday, July 7, 2016


I'm still here!  Promise!

I realize that I never showed off the completed main staircase --   she still had a hockey smile when I last posted.  Well, she is mighty perty now.  See?

Of course, I've already managed to slip and dislocate a toe, but that's not the fault of the lovely stairs.  It was the ninjas that attacked me early in the morning before I was fully awake.  That's who I'm blaming.

Besides the stairs (which have been completed for months now), we've had a few new house-build developments, but they aren't as photogenic as those shiny new stairs.  The Bob relocated a copper water pipe that he'd inadvertently put in the way of a future wall in the basement, added an external faucet (he calls it a hydrant; whatever) for watering our nonexistent lawn or flowers, and he reinforced a support beam that had decided to twist a tiny bit.  Tots importante, but not photo-worthy, really.  Those basement bedrooms are on the horizon.  I can feel it.  And you can bet I'll photograph the flyin' heck out of that process.  It'll be just like the old days.

To tide you over until then, here's some spring/early summer photos of At Home In Logs Land:

The great rhubarb massacre of 2016. 

 My parents went on a 3 week (!) trip to the Canadian Maritimes and left me in charge of the garden.  Mostly, that just involved watering.  For. Hours.  But, asparagus & rhubarb were in season and I grabbed the ol' machete and went to town.  

I picked so much rhubarb that I ended up begging friends to take it off my hands.  They have three long beds of rhubarb, after all, and a girl can only freeze just so much.

ONE hacking -- er, picking -- yielded 24 cups of diced rhubarb.  THREE WEEKS OF THIS.

The Boy & The Girl enjoying the first full day of summer vacation 

June 30th shot of my father's garden.

4th of July revelry with the Utica cousins

I'm sure we have done other cool things...  actually, probably not.   Not YET.  I am still in the optimistic phase of summer when I think we'll follow through on planning and executing horizon-expanding trips and wacky memory-making fun.  This is the year!

It'll be great.  You'll see.

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