Saturday, December 28, 2013

Snowy logs

It's winter all right!   We trekked up to The Log House to show off Its Royal Loggyness to my sister and an old friend and I snapped a few pics to atone for my blogging laziness.

The view into the snowy woods behind the house, as seen from the master bathroom.

Isn't the sight of a stone-faced chimney enough to make you weep?   No?  It's just me, then.

Bob and Old Friend Rob

My sister EllieBellyJellyBean lives in far-off P.A., and hadn't seen the interior of the house in a while.  She was pleasantly surprised.  It's hard to imagine what it'll look like when all you have to go on is: "... and over here will be the kitchen, and imagine that there's a wall here...." etc.

The Girl pretends to sweep the floor as she dances with a broom and kicks up dust.

We priced front doors the other day and when I recover from my heart attack and we decide which organ to sell to pay for it, I'll have that progress to show you.  Plus, after the turn of the new year, The Hubs will start in earnest on some kitchen work.   Stay tuned for a fabulous 2014-in-Logs!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Making memories

This afternoon, as we holed up during the ice storm, we decorated the Christmas tree that has been waiting in the cold on our front porch since we hauled it out of the woods on Wednesday.

Some decorations are new, some are old, some...  ended up in the trash this year.  Seriously, why were we keeping those things?

One of the old ones that I have kept is this little stocking ornament:

It was a gift from my piano teacher when I was about 10 or 11 years old.  I love the continuity that hanging it -and a select few other oldies- on the tree each year provides.

Hopefully the bairns will cherish some of the memories we made today as well.

Joyous Advent and a very Merry Christmas, everyone.