Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Snow much?

In case you live in a hermitage in the Yucatan or only get your information from major national news sources* and didn't realize that places like the North Country of New York got a bit o' snow these past 2 weeks, let me share some lovely images with you:

This is Bob, during the first day of major snow.  It's usually better to shovel/plow/snowblow mid-way through the accumulation to mitigate the pain later....   
We didn't have quite a foot of snow yet in this picture.  We have totals ranging from 14"-18" hereabouts now.  

We don't have much more than this now... maybe 3 or 4 inches more now.  This is Saturday, out at my parents' house.  I'm a mean mommy who takes pictures from inside the warm house and doesn't go outside to play with her children.  Mean Mommy.

 But, fortunately, my sister and mother are much more fun and trudged through knee-deep snow willingly.   Note the tire swing at right...

Before you infer that I think this is an unreasonable amount of snow, let me state, unequivocally, that this is not an unreasonable amount of snow for the North Country.  Except while you're shoveling.  Or trying to run out to do a quick errand but get stuck in the mouth of your driveway because the doggone snow plows dumped a mountain of dirty snow.   Or, *sigh* as you sit at your computer on the first day back to school after the Christmas break pondering the new accumulation between you and (on) the car.  And it's still dark.

Anywho --  the ski mountain is happy!

*About the national news media:  I was dismayed to hear the report repeated over and over about how this "major snowstorm" that had brought some rain to NYC, Philly and DC had resulted in snow accumulation UP TO 6" in Upstate NY and parts of New England.    AS WE WERE MEASURING 14" IN MY PARENTS' BACK YARD.   Yes, I'm sure that downstate they did only get 6", but don't repeat the same totals for 2 days that were measured in the early hours of a snowstorm and pretend like it's universal over all of NY and New England.  And local stations were not bothering to correct their national brethren, or perhaps the AP and NPR central offices weren't listening.  If you can't be bothered to update the news feed with current information, then at least be honest about your "as of when."   We live in an information-rich country with instant access to multiple primary sources on nearly every topic imaginable.  Such lazy reporting is disappointing.

Thus endeth the lesson.