Monday, January 30, 2012

No bathing in the dark

This was Bob on Saturday, wiring up the master bathroom:

And this is today:

No bathing in the dark for me! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wiring the Master Bath

The Husband has spent several days wiring up the Master Bathroom.  It is a wonder to behold. 


I love this about The Husband -- he has skills in abundance which I do not even begin to possess.  And I flatter myself that I have a pretty wide knowledge and experience, so to watch Bob build our house is humbling and inspiring. 

That, and he's pretty cute.

Sorry.  C'ain't help it. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wintery Lake

The view from the front of the house:

The Boy enjoying that view:

The view from the back of the house:

And a view of The Lake, just to round out this cold and sunny Saturday!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Master Bath!

The Hubs is just cooking now!  He and the FIL installed more drywall in the master bath today:

And then made these nifty shelves in the wall!

I think I'm in love!

Monday, January 16, 2012

More ceiling and the help of old friends

The in-laws were hosting their friends of 45+ years, Al & Jean, this weekend, so Bob took the opportunity to press Al into his chain-gang of friends-who-help-with-the-house.  Since it was about ONE degree (F) out, I stowed away with the Hubs on his way out to the lake and thawed out by the in-laws' wood stove.  Ahhhhhh.  Warmth.    Plus, I got to take pix of a few more pieces of drywall being installed in the master bathroom.  I love me some progress!

Know what else I love?  Three generations working on the house together:

Granted, The Boy's skills are limited to being the screw-bearer for Daddy, but it's a start!

Here's a shot of those two sheets of drywall installed on the slanted portion of the ceiling:

 Kind of awkward through the wall studs, but you get the picture.  

So, thanks, Al!  C'mon up and hoist sheetrock any time! 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow days and ceilings

Two snow days in a row for both me and the kids!  Woo-hoo!  

And what did The Husband do with his snowy day? 

Started working on the ceiling in the master bath.   Yes he did. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pocket Doors and more!

{What a great store that would be.}

This little guy greeted me when I visited the log house on Saturday:

As Paula Poundstone once said about Henry Winkler, "Now there's a happy little fella!"

Once inside, I was greeted by this happy little fella too:

No, not Bob.  Well, yes, he was there too, obviously, but I don't think he's often referred to as a "happy fella."   I MEAN the pocket door in place!    First one, then two!

The walls on either side of and above the doors will be pine board.  The Troll Bob's sister gave us a gorgeous colored-glass window for Christmas this year that will go above the doors.  I cannot WAIT to have it in place up there.  It's perfect. 

While shopping for a refrigerator, which we didn't get, we got a stove.  Which I don't have a picture of.   But we also stumbled upon a great deal on a hot water heater and snatched that bad boy up. 

Bad boy.

So, while we don't have plumbing, we do have the theoretical ability to heat up water. 

Anywho, it looks a little like progress, eh?    Huh?  huh?    Who's with me?   

Saturday, January 7, 2012


One of those projects that sort of chugs along and gets worked on here and there is the shellacking of the pocket doors for the master bedroom (upstairs). Bob has been chipping away at them for months now. Remember?    The frame has been up for a while:

And, in an effort to not monopolize all the sawhorses for just this one task, he's been applying the finish one coat, one side, one door at a time.


And now?   The final coat, of the final side, of the final door has been applied!!

Gleam!   Can't you hear the music swell?    No?  Just me?   Ah, well. 

Stay tuned, since I'm pretty sure those suckers are going to be installed soon!!