Saturday, June 21, 2014

2014 Garden

Well, my father is at it again:   trying to feed half the county with his overachieving garden.  Here's some pix of the progression to veggie goodness:

The annual BEFORE shot, taken May 11, 2014:

 Then a couple of weeks later, Pop put the grandkids to work turning a raised bed.  

Okay, the truth?  They grabbed rakes and went to town on their own.  In the near-dark. 

Fast-forward (past many MANY hours of toil) to this week:

My mother says, "train up a pea plant in the way that it should go, 
and when it is old it will not depart from it."  I'm sure I've heard that somewhere before...

Pop and The Hubs discuss the leeks.  Clearly one of them has insulted The Hubs.   
"What?!  How DARE you?"

 And - nothing to do with the garden - just because I DO WHAT I WANT:

Bob tries to not look pained when his cheesy wife coerces him into a photo.

Prepare for an explosion of produce in the next month.  It's that time o' year!