Sunday, October 28, 2012

October beauty

Even with all the colors gone, The Lake is still a vision of beauty and serenity.

Bob snapped this pic on Friday from our dock.      *bliss*

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Here's the BEFORE:

But there's been a change of plan.  Bob found a simple fix for our moisture problem in the roof/soffit that doesn't require him to face the chimney with all that beautiful new stone this fall.  Which is good, since our handy-dandy personal stone mason has departed for Florida before Bob could get his lesson.  So, the stone will wait a while and our chimney will remain .... homely for a bit longer.  

Sorry.  The AFTER pictures will have to wait.  

But here's your daily picture of The Girl collecting rocks, just to tide you over:

In other news, we went up to The Lake today to have a lovely afternoon with my in-laws and The Girl mused:

"Where IS everyone?"

I don't think she has realized until now that the majority of camp owners on The Lake are not year-'round residents, like we'll be and like her grandparents are.

We went on a chilly boat ride to tour all of the decks, docks, bunkhouses and roofs that Bob and his father and the crew have built this summer, as the sky steadily darkened and we raced the storm back down The Lake.   The skies opened just as we reached the shelter of the first boathouse and we laughed and congratulated ourselves on our good luck.... and waited while the rain pounded down.

All in all:  a good Saturday.   How was yours?

Monday, October 8, 2012

See? A stony problem.

We went to a sweet little Harvest Festival in North Bangor, NY at Bonesteel's Gardening Center this afternoon, and did all kinds of fun things, like:

But The Girl clearly thought we were there to acquire MORE STONES.

Is there a 12-step program for gravel-gatherers?

Monday, October 1, 2012


We took a trip on Saturday to look at stone.

Wanna know why?  Huh?  Do ya do ya do ya?    It's SACAUSE (as The girl says) Bob is going to start facing the chimney!  Woo!   Not because it'll be super cool pretty, of course; mostly something about the chimney cap and the roof line and moisture...  I wasn't really listening, but I *did* hear chimney and stone facing!  That's good enough for me.  

We talked with the stone company owner/quarry dude and ogled the rock.

And The Girl misunderstood and thought we were there to fill our pockets with gravel.  

After she filled hers, she filled mine.  I'm a little worried now that all that gravel is now inside my house somewhere, since the Tupperware container I gave her to hold it all when we got home... is now empty.   I'm laying odds that it's all in the couch.  But I'm afraid to look.

 The moral of the story here is:   sit down gingerly at my house.