Monday, October 8, 2012

See? A stony problem.

We went to a sweet little Harvest Festival in North Bangor, NY at Bonesteel's Gardening Center this afternoon, and did all kinds of fun things, like:

But The Girl clearly thought we were there to acquire MORE STONES.

Is there a 12-step program for gravel-gatherers?


Dar said...

Howdy, Hi, what's up? I'm new here and love what I've read so far. I especially love that you guys are doing what you can to select cut your acres and replant where you can. We, or, like you, I do not wield a chainsaw either, so, the guys do all the cutting, etc around here. Right now, they are appreciating their deer food plots while I sit at the cabin and watch with my camera what they are taking aim at to keep us in meat for the winter...a share, anyway.
We, too, built our log cabin, (wishing we were living there full-time), another dream,...from scratch. I really do need to do a few entries about that.
Anyway, got long on wind, sorry.
Will return.

Anne said...

Hi Dar -

Sorry for the long-overdue response! Glad you stopped by the blog --

Is your hand-built cabin in the Northeast US too?