Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wait... you thought I was done?

Yes, we're in The Log Highness, (pause for squealing) but that doesn't mean we're done.  Lots more to do, folks.  Lots and lots.   And yet, this tightly-wound girl is surprisingly sanguine about it all.  Yeah, I know.  Crazy.  I'm even attempting to blog from my phone... although this might be what pushes me right over the edge.  Fair warning.

The Bob has been finishing this and that as we try to stay warm in this zero degree weather.  

To wit:

Walls in the laundry room! 

 The coolest log hand rail anywhere!

 We'll see what I come home to next... will it be permanent stair treads and risers?  Bedroom door?  Even actually living in the house doesn't diminish my excitement over every little new thing that gets built or finished.  I'm still just as squealy over new closet rods as ever. 

 Actually, if it would just stop snowing, The Hubs could come in from the relentless task of plowing our oh-so-long-and-picturesque driveway and work some more in the house!  Poor guy.  Poor plow truck!  That thing is on its last legs.

 But, hey!  At least it's clear so you can come visit!  You are coming to visit, aren't you?  

Especially if you like to sand and paint walls.  Then you're definitely welcome.  Heh.