Sunday, May 25, 2014

Walls, vents and other stuff

It's hard to report on some of the house progress.  Like the aforementioned sealing of the basement floor, some of it is relayed in a few words -- and no pictures -- despite representing hours or days of work.  Some things are cool, but hard to take pictures of...  like duct work.

Bob works on ventilation duct from the master shower vent/fan

 But, here, devoted log-ees, are some pictures of a beautiful wall my FIL Jim is finishing.  The beautiful wide boards were milled by The Hubs from trees he felled on or near our property.  To me, that makes them all the more beautiful.

To give you some perspective on where the wall is...  
at the top of the stairs, to the right of the pocket doors that lead into the master bedroom.

Some walls aren't as pretty, but I'm still happy to see them going up!   This one is on the bedroom side of the master bath:

And this one is -- clearly -- behind the main floor toilet:  

Now there's just a bit of trim work left to do in that bathroom!  

*Sigh*  I love spending time in the new house.  

Bathroom walls, vents and all.

Friday, May 9, 2014


I'm a pretty cranky gal.  I have a glass-half-empty outlook and I'm frankly surprised there's a glass at all most of the time.  And furthermore, get off my lawn!  Which makes it all the more interesting to me that I am positively enamored of the popular Pharrell Williams song "Happy."  I dig it.  I dance around the house to it insisting that the rest of the family join in.  And it really does make me happy. 

Go figure. 

So, to accompany the endless loop in my head, I present:
The things that make Log Girl Anne happy
  • Freshly laundered sheets on the bed
  • Making my husband laugh
  • Discovering The Girl asleep with her wee copy of  Thoreau's Walden on her chest.  (Which she can't read) 
  • Being in my as-yet-unfinished log house and imagining our move in day
  • Early morning at The Lake when it is still and quiet
  • An American flag flapping on its pole on our front porch
  • Delicious words
  • A full gas tank
This last piece of delight leads me to confess that I have favorite gas stations.  I don't often get to fill up at these pumps, but it surely does make my day when I have that opportunity.  I wrote about the one in Gabriels, NY earlier in the winter.  I filled up yesterday at my other favorite, which I only discovered a month ago (despite driving past it for YEARS).

There's just something about pumping first, paying later, flipping the lever and watching the numbers click around instead of digitally change that makes me... well, happy

Look at that old-school beauty.
If you're ever driving through Brainardsville, NY, look for my friend.  And pick up some bait and beer while you're at it.