Sunday, December 23, 2012

ACK! And apologies...

... for my delinquencies as a blogger.  I am sorry.  

Forgive me?

Truthfully, there hasn't been much action up at the logalicious home these past two months, but that's no excuse for not waffling on about this and that, as I usually do.  

So, what have we been up to?

Well, this:

Friend's wedding in Delaware

The Boy's annual Halloween party

The Girl carves her pumpkin

Church hayride {and agricultural lesson on soybeans}

Real-life Hunger Games
(or cousins at play during Maryland visit)

What we really went to Maryland for

Iron The Girl turned 6

 We're catching up now.... 

And POW!  Now we're up to current time.  
This is The Girl's game of "Bury the Brother" yesterday during our Lazy Family Saturday.

"Yeah, yeah, Anne," you say?   "We're here for LOGS, not all that family nonsense!"

Well then, feast your peepers on THIS:

The ACTUAL plans from our kitchen designer, who is ready to begin making our cabinets after Christmas!    {er, once Bob & I can agree on a countertop....}

So, now we need to get all the flooring in on that first floor where it's missing, bang in some real doors, and finish painting those rooms I should have gotten done before the end of summer.  Ahem.  

Thanks for not abandoning me during my hiatus, and I will endeavor to earn your readership, faithful log-lovers.   Plus, you wouldn't want to miss the KITCHEN installation, would you?!  EEEEEEK!