Friday, January 31, 2014

The Kitchen Sink

My husband has divided affections.  Yes, it's true.  What?  No, our marriage is intact -- I'm talking about a sink.  Sheesh.

The Hubs found an old enameled cast iron sink and has been rehabbing it for the kitchen.  He loves it.

It was chipped and worn and rusty and a little grody, to be frank.

how old is that thing?

after it was washed, before it was re-enameled

after it was re-enameled along the rim

TA-DA!  Installed today!

Wanna know a secret?  I kinda love it too.  It's old... in our new house.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Could 2014 be THE Year?

A bold question, but I'm feeling jaunty and reckless just now.   Also: the lamest person on earth for calling myself "jaunty."

You may feel optimistic with me when you see what's been going on at The Log House this week:

Well, looky there!  Kitchen floor being installed!

And then today?

The Hubs and John installed the last pieces of flooring in the kitchen this afternoon!  Even The Boy proved useful, pushing against the end of the row to keep it tight.

Do you know what a kitchen with a floor needs?  That's right:  appliances.  Next stop on the Progress Train?  A dishwasher.   Toot Tooooooot!

Here are a few more pictures, just because I'm feeling - you know - jaunty.

Note to self: wait longer to take a picture after saw cuts.  That dust is mighty reflective. 

The Girl ponders how she will scale the new kitchen cabinets searching for snacks.  

I once said that as soon as we had a functional kitchen and bathroom I was moving in.  Well, I wouldn't say I'm packing my bags yet, but I do have a strange urge to see what our cardboard box situation is...     

Oh, wait.  Maybe I'm jumping the gun a bit.  *sigh*  The master bedroom and bathroom still need a touch of work.  Just a smidge.  Right?