Friday, January 31, 2014

The Kitchen Sink

My husband has divided affections.  Yes, it's true.  What?  No, our marriage is intact -- I'm talking about a sink.  Sheesh.

The Hubs found an old enameled cast iron sink and has been rehabbing it for the kitchen.  He loves it.

It was chipped and worn and rusty and a little grody, to be frank.

how old is that thing?

after it was washed, before it was re-enameled

after it was re-enameled along the rim

TA-DA!  Installed today!

Wanna know a secret?  I kinda love it too.  It's old... in our new house.


Sunflowerakb with the Yellow House said...

is it hard to re-enamel a sink?

Anonymous said...


Janet said...

Love it! Great job rehabbing it!

Janet said...
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Anne said...

Sunflowerakb -
Sorry for the delay in replying about the sink question.... I am lazy.


Anyway, The Hubs says -- to re-enamel a sink completely or seamlessly you need to send it away to a company that does it, and it's quite expensive. Since we're neither fancy nor picky, we used an enamel paint to touch up the spots where it was worn or nicked. You can see where enamel was re-applied, and so it doesn't look (in person) like a brand-new sink; it looks like an old sink that had its enamel repaired. I forget the exact product he used... I'll try to remember to ask him to comment with it.