At Home in What? A primer.

In 2004 our wee family packed up our lives in suburban Washington, D.C. and moved "home" to the Adirondack Foothills of New York State.  Crazy, you say?  Idyllic?  Yeah, a little bit of both.   In 2005 we began our log-building adventure by purchasing raw Eastern White Pine logs from Canada. 
After removing the bark by hand, Bob (AKA 'The Husband' or 'The Hubs') began to construct the house according to our roughly sketched out plans.  Handcrafted, the house is Bob's labor of love and his progress has been chronicled in this blog. 

Year by year, it has risen in the woods, at the edge of The Lake, and the anticipation and labor have been shared by many family and friends.  

Just before Christmas 2014, we realized that long-awaited moment and moved into our Home in Logs.  There's plenty of finish work to be done, but it's our home and we are thrilled to be here.