Thursday, August 29, 2013

Log ends = flyways

Here's a finished view of one of the corners of The House after The Hubs finished trimming the log ends... er flyaways flyways.*   You learn something new every day.

[*editor's note:  If you scroll down to the comment section below, you'll see that an "anonymous" commenter  *cough*thehubs*cough* corrected me.  Apparently, I misheard the first time.  Eh.  Whaddyagonnado?]

(I know the before and after shots are of different corners of The House, but they all looked pretty similar.)

Before                                                                After

Now those little flyaways  flyways are all nice and neat and tucked in under the overhang of the roof.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Log ends

Maybe that's what we should call our house:  Log Ends.   You know... like "Bag End" in The Hobbit?    I like the idea of a house with a name.  But, since The Hubs and I could barely agree on names for our children, I doubt we could agree on a house name.  Still....

Anyway, what is this about log ends you ask?   Well, if you've noticed in all the many photos I've posted that show the exterior of The House, we never trimmed the ends of the walls.

Until today.

Buh-bye log ends!

Boy oh boy did The Hubs smell like chainsaw exhaust when he got home!   But you know what that smells like to me?    That's right, baby:


Sunday, August 25, 2013


So, I couldn't wait until the scaffolding is down to show you the completed facing on the chimney exterior.  Betcha could have called that one, eh?    Whatevs.



We have a completed chimney facing!!  (on the outside, at least...)

So totally awesome, right?    The only correct answer here is an emphatic 'yes.'    Proceed.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our Day In Logs

The facing of the chimney exterior is ALMOST done --  all but a little corner, so I'm holding off on my TA-DA!  pictures until the whole shebang is done, and the scaffolding down.  

In the meantime, the rain today nixed The Hubs' work plans, so I bundled us all off to The Lake to get wee bits done on The Log House.

What makes me nearly as happy as progress on The House?  Children reading. 

We put on some outlet and switch covers in the downstairs bathroom:




Then Bob hooked up the sink in the upstairs bathroom:

We made a written list of the rest of the outlet/switch covers we need and I made a mental note of the remaining tasks that need to be done before we can move in (installation of kitchen cabinets & countertops, flooring over the entire first floor, exterior and interior doors, railing on the balcony, caulking in the bathrooms, wainscoting in the dining room, building that half wall between the dining and living rooms....  oh me oh my!)

But today, I'm grateful for the little things that were accomplished that bring us that small amount closer to done.

And that Bob didn't die while doing this: