Friday, December 19, 2014

Yes, we are still.... moving.... in.....  forever.....

This is the slowest, most painful moving process I've ever done!  And I've moved 11 times.   We have most (half? a lot) of our stuff out at Its Royal Logness, but we're still eating and sleeping at the house in town.  As we approach Christmas, I am singing a constant refrain:

All I want for Christmas is to be In Logs, to be In Logs, to be In Logs - 
Gee if I could only be in my Log House, then I could wish you a Merry Christmas!  
(apologies to Don Gardner) 

And now you will too.  You're welcome.  Heh.

We are both furiously, frustratingly packing and moving boxes, as well as finishing up details that need to be done before we can finally move in!  You know - sexy stuff, like outlet covers, CO detectors, and stair railings.

Here's a temporary solution to our need for a balcony railing while we craft the permanent, lovely, log and bent twig one:

Let's hope "temporary" = less than 5 years.  

This weekend, we hope to make a big push and move the rest of our (seemingly never-ending) parade of boxes.   And MAYBE even beds and clothes?

*fingers crossed*