Saturday, September 28, 2013

Trust me.

It's only been a week since the last post (in which I surmised that the kitchen cabinets would be installed within the week)....     you're feeling very sleepy....    a weeeeeeeek.   Not three weeks!   A weeeeeek.

I am trying to spread the delusion.  Work with me here.

Anyway, this odd space-time warp finally ended and - lo and behold - what do we have?  

Installed lower kitchen cabinets!!!  Aren't they lovely?    The only answer here is:  "yes."

Once the countertop is installed, then the upper cabinets will be installed... and then... and THEN....   well, maybe a floor?

The upper cabinets are still in a jumble:

But soon, we will rejoice with flute and lyre.  

Forgive me; my African friend Emma is practicing Hebrew at the table and it feels very Biblical in here.

But back to The House:

So, I dashed into The Log House to lay mine eyes on the kitchen (and was pretty squealy), when I turned to tell Emma something about the layout of the kitchen and dining room and was pleasantly (and very squealy) surprised to see THIS:

The Hubs added the bead-board wainscoting to the dining room walls without telling me!  Totally exciting!
The chair rail is being stained, but that oughta go in soon, too.

Well, soon is a relative term in Log World.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Warning: SQUEEEEE ahead

Although I know it is different in many parts of the country, around here the new school year starts after Labor Day, which means that yesterday was our First Day of School, both for the children and for myself.  After a thrilling and exhausting day, I drove up to The Lake to nab the kiddos so The Hubs could work a little longer, and witnessed this:

The sweetness!  Oh!  The SWEETNESS!

Okay, that's not the best part.  This is what really got my attention:

DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS?!!!    That beautiful, precious, lovely truck was delivering [most of] our KITCHEN CABINETS!!!!


I admit it:  I did squeal an inordinate amount upon bursting into The House and witnessing this momentous event.  I may have even startled the guys delivering the cabinets ... just a tad.

Installation will likely be next week and the countertops after that, but just this was enough to send me into raptures of delight for the rest of the evening.

*sigh*    Kitchen cabinets.   I am a happy girl.