Saturday, September 28, 2013

Trust me.

It's only been a week since the last post (in which I surmised that the kitchen cabinets would be installed within the week)....     you're feeling very sleepy....    a weeeeeeeek.   Not three weeks!   A weeeeeek.

I am trying to spread the delusion.  Work with me here.

Anyway, this odd space-time warp finally ended and - lo and behold - what do we have?  

Installed lower kitchen cabinets!!!  Aren't they lovely?    The only answer here is:  "yes."

Once the countertop is installed, then the upper cabinets will be installed... and then... and THEN....   well, maybe a floor?

The upper cabinets are still in a jumble:

But soon, we will rejoice with flute and lyre.  

Forgive me; my African friend Emma is practicing Hebrew at the table and it feels very Biblical in here.

But back to The House:

So, I dashed into The Log House to lay mine eyes on the kitchen (and was pretty squealy), when I turned to tell Emma something about the layout of the kitchen and dining room and was pleasantly (and very squealy) surprised to see THIS:

The Hubs added the bead-board wainscoting to the dining room walls without telling me!  Totally exciting!
The chair rail is being stained, but that oughta go in soon, too.

Well, soon is a relative term in Log World.

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