Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn..."

The time between this

and this

was almost exactly one year. ONE YEAR of seemingly no progress building our house. The first pic is of Little G on April 29, 2006 inspecting the log peeling process. The second pic is Slightly Bigger G overseeing the end of the lot clearing and the beginning of the foundation dig on May 5, 2007. And, for a woman who was so Eh about building a house to begin with, I quickly became an impatient armchair housebuilder. The logs have to WHAT? Season? Just slap 'em up and call it a day.

Anne's housebuilding lesson #1: If you ain't sweatin', you keep the trap shut.

Apparently, a new log will warp and twist and such as it dries. Which you want to happen in a lovely little stack on the ground and not fastened together as a house... unless you want your windows to pop out in the middle of the night letting in all the red squirrels to jump on your bed. But I digress.... So, the Husband stacked up all the bald logs in two piles and built little temporary roofs over them and let them sit. For a year. Although, technically, most of them seasoned for almost two years before they got to leave their little stacks and become our house. And, since we had nothing to do for a year, we decided to have another baby. Because, every family living in a small two-bedroom apartment should have a second child, right? Especially when they won't be able to move into the home they're building for several years.

Anne's housebuilding lesson #2: Like a frustrating ride on a city bus, building a house is full of starts and stops.

Because, although we only progressed from quietly slumbering stacks of logs to a cleared lot in one year, we jumped from milestone to milestone that summer and it felt like we were really cookin'.

5-22-07 digging foundation .............

6-29-07 Bob smoothing concrete footers ....

8-1-07 Concrete forms (basement walls) .....

8-19-07 Radiant floor heat tubing ....

9-14-07 sill logs being placed .........

10-25-07 little, stubby, glorious walls!

And then, WINTER. (can't you just hear the cartoon SCREEEECH of brakes?)

Winter in the North Country has a way of putting the ol' kyebosh on outdoor projects. So, the bus stopped again and we all got off this time. And put on wool socks and sweaters.


Tune in next time when the Husband elucidates on the process and I take a nap.

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