Thursday, January 8, 2009


Post, that is... not that of the US President. Because, at this stage of my life, the micro is all-consuming and the macro barely registers on my radar. So, the details of my life (mainly the progress on our house build) take priority in my own self-aggrandizing way.

So I bravely enter the world of blogging - the public diary, the catharsis on [virtual] paper, the eg0-centric certainty that everyone is dying to hear one's take on the minutae of daily life, the... the.... excuse to use all the big words that don't get enough airing.

Stay tuned for next time.... in which our heroine explains the mania for logs that has overtaken her once sane and peaceful family.

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a Tonggu Momma said...

I, for one, AM dying to hear all about the minutae of your daily life! Welcome to the world of blogging, Blue! Love you guys.