Monday, January 16, 2012

More ceiling and the help of old friends

The in-laws were hosting their friends of 45+ years, Al & Jean, this weekend, so Bob took the opportunity to press Al into his chain-gang of friends-who-help-with-the-house.  Since it was about ONE degree (F) out, I stowed away with the Hubs on his way out to the lake and thawed out by the in-laws' wood stove.  Ahhhhhh.  Warmth.    Plus, I got to take pix of a few more pieces of drywall being installed in the master bathroom.  I love me some progress!

Know what else I love?  Three generations working on the house together:

Granted, The Boy's skills are limited to being the screw-bearer for Daddy, but it's a start!

Here's a shot of those two sheets of drywall installed on the slanted portion of the ceiling:

 Kind of awkward through the wall studs, but you get the picture.  

So, thanks, Al!  C'mon up and hoist sheetrock any time! 


Anonymous said...

Almost ready to send you some bubble bath. Lookin' good!

Luxury Log Homes said...

Long way to go boys! I can see that your all busy fixing the house yourself. What's nice about it is having four generation working on it and that's fun to look at.