Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Shoemaker's Children

You know the old adage, right?  The shoemaker's children go without shoes?  -- then you can imagine what the lake waterfront of a dockbuilder looks like.

Ours has been a bit... sad looking for years.  When the whole building season (remember: we live in Northern NY, so it's about 2 days long) is a frantic race to complete docks and camp repairs for customers, it leaves precious little time to fix our own waterfront.  So, when it became an immediate problem last year, The Husband decided to undertake an infrastructure project in addition to shoring up the old waterfront.  He has been gradually building new docks and widening the boat launch and generally improving the shoreline.   Did I mention gradually?

Like work on The Log House, lakefront work happens in widely spaced fits and starts.  This week has been a huge leap forward, however!

Widening the boat launch
Fun fact:  we persuaded two nephews to stay as our own unofficial Fresh Air Kids after the rest of the family departed back to Merryland.  Guess what we're making them do?  Heh.

Chris, The Hubs, and John set a new crib

I can't promise decking on top of the bases any time soon, but it's getting there!

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