Friday, October 22, 2010

Woodshed with a ta-DA!

That husband!  I've been asking him for a week what's been going on up at the log house, and he's been noncommittal, at best.  So I go up to fetch the boy today after work and lo and behold, there's wood in the woodshed, which now has a nifty sliding cedar door.  To wit:

Cool, eh?   Remember when the boiler house didn't have a woodshed attached yet?  Here's a view to refresh your memory:

See the white door in the left wall?  It's the same white door in the pic above that.  The radiant floor heat system works like a charm, and now the boiler shed and woodshed are all set...    how's about some, oh, I don't know....  STAIRS in my house?   No?  Oh, okay.   What's next, then, husband?

Kitchen cupboard framing thingies?  That works too.


Mel said...

Wow, been busy as a beaver, it is beautiful. Then again, it's all natural, and it's woody... I love it!

You place looks so peaceful, warm, and welcoming. There's nothing that compares to living in the Adirondack woods....

Life, is Good!

Edelpeddle said...

Pretty cool.