Sunday, June 14, 2009

One thing down.... 1,548,502 to go....

The chimney's done. Okay, it's not faced with stone yet, but don't hold your breath for that one. This is the North Country, after all, land of unfaced chimneys. Actually, The Husband and I are going to a quarry this week to take a look at what's locally available. He's in favor of river rock and I like the big flat ones.

Here's a pic of the very tippy-top of the now completed chimney.
Innit cute?


Cedar ... said...

whew! good job done!

smallpines said...

Going, going, going! Awesome! I know it may not look like a ton of progress when you are right there in the thick of it, but it sure looks good from here. And the chim is a big one ... that's awesome. Congrats!