Saturday, June 13, 2009

Progress and Perspective, part 1

I'm a Jane Austen fan. I'll re-read the books every few years, watch the movies every so often, and I'll even confess to trying out a few of the (always unsatisfying) fanfic novels that continue the storylines Austen created. So, I'm calling today's post: Progress and Perspective, part 1. I feel like dwelling on the progress that we've made on the house build. I know that most folks would consider our extended timeline completely unacceptable for the completion of a house, but most people actually hire contractors to build a house for them, instead of hand-peeling, notching, and stacking the logs themselves, with the occasional mason or excavator hired for a specific task. (Most people, in short, are sane.) So, in that light, we're practically ahead of schedule!

Aahahahhaahahaaaaa *snort* heheheheeeehehheheee *gasp*

Whew. That was great. I crack myself up.

Anyway, The Husband was at The Lake at 6:30am on this gorgeous North Country Saturday morning, working on our house. God bless him. Not quite sure what he's working on today, since most of what he says about the house goes right over my head. I'll drag the babies up there later and see if I can snap a few pics and manage to stay off the scaffolding. From now on, I have a feeling that the progress won't look so dramatic.

Enough waffling. Here's my shots of progress and perspective:
May 2007
June 2009
It gives a girl hope.


Cedar ... said...

I say that's really impressive progress given that it's mostly all handwork!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I've known you weren't sane since the day I met you. And hey, maybe you'll finish the house by the time we are finally able to adopt again. We DO have a year head start over you though. We began the wait in June 2006.