Sunday, May 24, 2009

My kingdom for a roof jack!

The shingles are going on! Well, not this morning, since it's Sunday, but they started to go up on Friday! By the time I got up to The Lake to take some pix, The Husband had discovered that they were short of roof jacks. (Yeah - I didn't know what they were either... apparently they attach to the roof and a board is placed across them so you can walk on the board and not the roof itself. Who knew?) Bob and coworker Chris went up The Lake to fetch a pail of ... no, wait. To fetch some more roof jacks from another building site. But, they weren't there. So, frustratingly, Bob sent the work crew home and resolved to clothe the roof another time.

In the meanwhile, I did snap some pictures, just to prove to myself that work is, indeed, going forward on the house.

Yup, that's The Husband.


Cedar ... said...

You are making progress! Just be careful up there!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Hey! Soon you won't have any more snow INSIDE your house.