Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Running in place

The Husband is still milling logs. Which is great -- especially since the more he mills, the fewer boards we have to buy. BUT -- and I have a huge but(t) -- I'm starting to get itchy, squirmy, EAGER (not anxious) to have some more house progress. (Says she who doesn't actually do any work on the house).

Contributing to my eagerness is the fact that I'm beginning to plan in my head for summer parties -- maybe around the Fourth of July when the cousins are up from Dee-Cee -- complete with funky themes and accessories. Friend Craig has already nixed a pirate theme, but there are oh-so-many-more scrumptious choices.... BUT(T) - I'm so not having a party with no potty. And open stairwells for guests to fall to their deaths. Because I'm a considerate hostess like that. And don't have enough friends to lose a couple in a drunken stairwell accident.

Pictures like this of The Lake (courtesy of Uncle Ron) help me calm down from my itchy, squirmy, eagerness:
Ahhhhh ........
I'm a-gonna live there! Eeeek!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, Anne... I'm sorry the wait is stretching so long. And we are obnoxious friends... because we plan to come up and visit AFTER the house is done.

Cedar ... said...

ooohhhh.... your cabin is on a lake? It doesn't get much better than that. Be patient, looks like it will definitely be worth the wait!