Friday, March 26, 2010

The house, inside and out

Bob and I spent and hour and 1/2 this morning wrangling over the arrangement of the kitchen.  Sure, sure, we had the whole thing drawn out on graph paper, but when The Husband stood in the space and started to map out walls....  well, he decided our grand ideas were full of poopy. 

So.   We switched around this and we switched around that (in our minds' eyes), and we used boards and boxes as stand-ins for refrigerators and countertops....  and we finally FINALLY! came up with a workable plan.  It means a smaller coat closet in the entryway, but we think it will all work out.  Eh - we'll see. 

I actually remembered my camera, and took inside and outside pix. 

Doesn't look any different than last time I showed you, eh?

And inside:

Awwww, yeah.  See my wall? 

Almost looks like we're making progress, right?  Yeah, baby.   Look at my wall. 

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a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh Anne, I am SO excited for y'all! Just be sure to get the kitchen right... you won't have anyone to complain about except yourselves. Heh.