Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ribbons and bubbles

Bob picked up Little G from school yesterday and took him out to The Lake to help with the sap collection.  Boy, it's a-runnin'.  More than 400 gallons collected this week (which is a lot for a backyard operation).   And, since my workshop in Saranac Lake ended early, I stopped by The Lake to see how the manly men were getting along. 
Here's a primer, in case you aren't acquainted with the process:
Tree -> galvanized metal sap bucket -> plastic five-gallon pail -> galvanized metal sap holding tank -> evaporator -> strainer -> bottle -> my belly

But here's what I really wanted to show you:

Grandpa (usually known as The FIL or 'Jim' around here), explaining to Little G how he'll know when the sap is done boiling and has become syrup.  The temperature, the rough amount of time, the way it ribbons off the scoop, the big bubbles on the surface...     And our boy, (who is usually completely wild and inattentive) is riveted.  
"I love the way it smells.  Smell the steam, Mama."

I think someone is going to be a syrup-maker.


dj said...

what a wonderful post. i have never really seen each step. how wonderful your son can be so involved and engaged.



Cedar ... said...

If he loves the smell of the sweet steam,... and the taste of sap from the tree,... he's going to be a sugarmaker for sure! Great series of shots!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Loved this post, but the husband loved it more. Then again, he loves "real" syrup while I like Aunt Jemima's. Heh.