Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Log Heresy

If you are a log home strict constructionist, a pine purist, a.... a....   stickler for ... sticks, you may shudder at this next bit of information. 

We're covering up some of the logs.  And it's mostly my fault.

I wanted to have non-log walls in the bathrooms.  Sooo...  I convinced The Husband to put up drywall against the logs to make the walls of the bathrooms.  I just want surfaces that will do well in the damp, often unsanitary environment of the bathroom.  (And yes, I clean my bathrooms! But they are where you do your nastiest business!)    Because of my heresy, The Hubs is having to do some builder gymnastics to create the desired effect.   Here's the first step (the first VERY PAINFUL step, I was told very pointedly.  ahem.):

And if all the logs were [nearly] equal in diameter, which many log home companies provide, it wouldn't have been nearly as painful for The Hubs and FIL.  But, since we are doing this the real  hard way, the logs stick out or are recessed like crazy.  Trying to get all the studs even and plumb and level and whatnot was a .... challenge.  But, Amazing Bob and Jim were up to it!  

However, the kitchen might just finish them off.

FIL Jim trying to stave off annoyance during our ever-lengthening kitchen configuration discussion. 

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Paul said...

Ahhhhhh, drywall? Inside the logged lair? I think a little piece of me just died inside. Don't you know Anne that much as the yellow sun of Earth enhanced Superman, so do woodchips, sawdust, solder and even romex jackets strengthen Bob the builder? However, mentioning drywalling and therfore conjuring the images of "mudding" & sweeping drywall dust is on par with chaining him with 4x8 sheets of kryptonite. Be strong Bob... and enjoy picking mud out of your beard!

~Paul Smith