Thursday, February 4, 2010

Radiant Floor Heat

Plumbing-loving Bob has been fooling around with this nonsense lately:

I wish he'd get to work on something tricky.  This easy stuff is beneath him. 

HA!   I mean, do you get this craziness?  What is it?  The Hubs will only say: "radiant floor heat plumbing."   Gee.  Thanks.  Helpful, that.   Taciturn husband and vociferous wife are at an impasse.  Bloggy me wants DETAILS, baby!    Bottled-up-in-his-head Hubs finds:  "radiant floor heat plumbing" to be a sufficient explanation for this elaborate snaking of pipes in the basement of the log house.  

So, that's all you get for now, oh legion of readers.  Unless you rise up in protest and insist on a thorough explanation.  



Okay, maybe it's just me.   In any case, I'm thrilled to think that we're close to a functioning radiant heat system!   WOO-HOO!

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Cathie said...

Radiant and heating...two of my favorite words! And soldiering on with the soldering.