Friday, January 29, 2010


In today's installment of bad pics taken with camera phones:  The Husband and Father-in-law soldering brass fittings together for the cold return of the radiant heat system.  

The Hubs likes plumbing the best of all the trades that are encompassed in building a house.  In his words: "What could be better than blue flame and molten metal?"  Of course, there is the downside of plumbing...     Bob says people throw all sorts of wierd things down drains and toilets and the plumber's rule is:  If you didn't eat it first, it shouldn't be flushed.  (With the obvious exception, of course of toilet paper.)

Today's post is really just an excuse for me to type "soldering."  Because I can't write it without pronouncing it wrong.  (SOL-during vs. SAH-during)   Soldering soldering soldering. 

Take that.

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