Friday, January 22, 2010

Sub-flooring and Friends

Except for the two places that the flooring is purposefully absent (in order to allow heat from the makeshift woodstove in the basement to warm the upper floors), the new sub-floor is done!  

In my opinion, there is one good by-product of having the floor ripped up and re-done....   all the tools and scrap materials that had accumulated in the house had to be moved, which means they were cleaned up.  My house doesn't look like the marina shop anymore.

What's next, you ask?  (You did ask, right?)  Well, to be honest, probably nothin' for a week.  The Hubs has been working elsewhere this week (those paying gigs really get in the way of him building me a house!) and then is taking the weekend off.  Friend Craig is taking a job out of state and so Bob and the boys are having a weekend-long huddle in Craig's wee cabin. 

Boys in 2001.  How young they look!  Bob the not-yet-log-builder is at right, sans beard.

I haven't yet forgiven Craig for taking a job in Maine, but if he lets me visit and learns to talk like Bert & I, maybe I'll consider it.


a Tonggu Momma said...

If you can't forgive Craig, does that mean I don't have to forgive you?

Cathie said...

Bye, Craig! Hope it's a wonderful life in Maine.

Anne said...

@TM - Ummmm... errrr.... *gulp*
(Craig, you better thank TM!)

Cedar ... said...

Oh my,.... Bert & I... I have two old lp albums of those comedy routines. And with that thought,.. we're having a bit of "wethaa" today with all this rain. Sub-floor looks great.

Anne said...

@Cedar - you know Bert & I? I love it! Sure is some wethaa!