Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All caught up

My accelerated timeline, blogging about nearly four years of building a house in two months' time, has brought me to this auspicious moment: I'm all caught up. In describing these last few steps, I arrive at the house As It Is Now. Of course, The Husband says I should tell you all about the tools and machines that have been used, and has pointed out several steps which I glossed over that he thinks merit some in-depth description. So, I'll catch us up and then go back and fill in the details. Another day.

Where were we? Oh yes. Roof trusses, but no roof. Christmas and New Year's intervened and we found January 2009 upon us with no roof surface. So, over the course of a couple weeks, Bob enlisted Johnny, (Dad of course), and our friend Craig to help install the sub-roof.

January 3, 2009 Bob & Craig doing roof work

Craig returned from the Middle East several months ago, where he's been living and working for years. Let's take a moment to imagine how cold he is in this picture. He had just discovered, by the way, that the lid to his insulated coffee mug had frozen shut. With his hot coffee inside.

The roof is now on (sans shingles), and the house, which once looked like a couple of stacked logs, now looks like this:

Little G & Baby M, February 28, 2009
That's right -- the snow is ON the roof of the house, and no longer falling INSIDE the house. A bit drafty still, to be sure, but we're getting there!
Join us next time for some artsy-fartsy pics gloating about the beauty of The Lake.

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