Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tap Tap Tappity Tap Tap

As we in the North Country i-n-c-h toward Spring, knowing full well that it won't really arrive until the beginning of May, it's still hard not to get that flutter of anticipation when the temp rises about freezing and the eaves drip. Take today, for example. It's a good 40 degrees (F) and everything's wet. Muddy. Pools of water on top of sheets of ice in some places. Icky. And yet....

Although the snow and ice inside the log house are melted and gone, there's no point in starting in on a new phase of the house build, when the temp tomorrow could be 15 degrees and the snow could pile up again. Such is mud season up here. The weather, so reliable in winter, suddenly freaks out like a teenager and can't make up its mind whether to join the chess club or the football team. (Yes, I know that's a strange metaphor, but I substituted at the high school on Monday and I'm still amazed that I'm so old that I view the students there as aliens.) ANYWAY, the Husband's attention has turned from brooding on the unfinished house to thoughts of sap. With the days up above freezing and the nights still dipping down, it's time to tap the maple trees. Can't do it too soon, though, and if you tap too late, you'll miss the first run. Tap? Tap-me-not. Tap? Tap-me-not. Hmmmmm.....

While we wait for the sap to start running at The Lake, I thought I'd entertain with a few more random pix of Bob and the House Build.

Bob atop corner of house, summer 2008

Looking up through the floor joists of the second floor, summer 2008.
(Now THAT'S a cathedral ceiling!)

Bob, atop wall Fall 2008

Bob and Jim securing bracing board December 2008

Bob looking out on the snowy world, January 2009.


Join us next time when I wax eloquent on the sweet goodness that is Maple Syrup.

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Shellmo said...

In that last photo - that's a nice sized window you have to look at your views! I am looking forward to Maple Syrup - there is a festival at the state park by us at the end of the month and they tap the trees. Nothing like fresh maple syrup!