Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Whence Cometh Log Builder Bob?

I'll admit it -- I'm on Facebook. I am one of those people over 25 'ruining it' for the youngsters. The Husband dismisses social networking sites with a grumpy 'bah!' and wave of the hand. But me? .... well..... I'll just say it: I'm prurient. I like the ability to reconnect with folks I haven't seen or heard from in years, without the pressure of re-establishing a meaningful relationship when there might not be much left in common except the shared past. I like knowing how everyone from high school turned out, without the awkward banter over cocktails at a reunion. There are also some people with whom I have been trying to reconnect for years, and I'm elated at the prospect of reigniting a friendship.

You can imagine that people just popping back into my life after 10 or 15 years are somewhat surprised at the whole Log Home From Scratch thing. I'm surprised at times! Because the Husband and I were high school sweethearts (cue the 'awwww'), lots of folks reappearing from my past also ask about him. Some have trouble making the leap from School Friend Bob to Log Builder Bob. It's understandable.

How could such a sweet little boy become a log building machine? I'm glad you asked.

Stay tuned next time for a tutorial in 'How to Fall in Love with Logs, or, Be Careful What Projects You Start.'


a Tonggu Momma said...

I adore you, Anne.

David said...

Ah, Bob. Ever a kindred spirit. I deactivated my Facebook account after 3 weeks and now refer to it as Faffbook. (That perhaps doesn't translate over the pond?)

Cedar ... said...

Hi Anne! Sure, link anytime,... I'm glad you commented on my blog because now i've found YOUR blog! I'll read, and read some more!

Jen said...

Hi Anne
Wow another log head! :)
So glad you stopped in to see me and commented;thank you.
It's been ten years since we built our log home, we did a lot of the work! but not like you; from the looks of what I've seen so far here. WOW! What stage are you at now?
I will come back after next week -of taking some time off - to visit again. -Jen

Anne said...

Jen - we're at the 'frustrated with winter work stoppage' stage. =) we have the walls and roof up, but only part of the floor joists for the second floor. No windows yet and no staircases.

Glad to know another 'log head'!