Friday, January 8, 2010

Snowy Snow Snow

I love today's puffy light snow.  When I brushed my car off this morning it was like fake Hollywood snow or shredded styrofoam.  Easy and beautiful.  Later in the winter we'll get packed down dirty snow, but for now, it's all picture-worthy. 

The Husband was eloquent about the frosting on the logs today...    it's the kind of snow that makes even Bob the Log Builder uncharacteristically loquacious. 


Alisha said...

Hi Anne,

This is absolutely gorgeous!! We cannot wait to experience beautiful moments like this.

The home is looking great and look forward to each post to see its progress.

Have a great weekend.


a Tonggu Momma said...

Does Bob even know what loquacious means? Because I don't think MY husband does...

dj said...

we have the same described it perfectly. beautiful.


Cedar ... said...

Just think how pretty your home will be with snow and smoke coming out the chimney and christmas lights .... those evergreen trees will make such a nice backdrop for that scene! :)