Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A break from logs

We're in Dee-Cee visiting Bob's sister and her enormous brood.  They obligingly piled on the snow in advance of our visit, just so we'd feel at home.  Gee, thanks.

It's been a low-key visit.  We went to the LEGO store today and let the wee ones go nuts, and we ate stacked pancakes for dinner in honor of Shrove Tuesday.  We had lunch with the Tongginator's family on Sunday and were dirty rotten church skippers.  We've also had to answer the question, "so, when are you moving in to your new house?" about 1459 times.  *SIGH*   I soooo wish I knew.  Maybe next winter.  Maybe not. 

We're heading back north tomorrow, and I'll start whipping The Husband into working on the house again. 
While I eat bon-bons and sit with my hair in curlers.   Life is good when you're the blogging wife of a hard-working husband.

Plus, we just can't hack all this snow!   We're going home.


Tonggu Momma Husband said...

Chateau Ste. Michelle
Owen Roe
Columbia Crest
A few wine labels that The Husband and I spoke about over lunch that he might enjoy; reds and whites. We really miss you guys and we just saw you on Sunday!

Cedar ... said...

glad you had a good visit,... come on home, still no new snow here in the champlain valley.