Saturday, February 20, 2010

From heat to HEAT!

The new heating system (outdoor gassification wood boiler and radiant floor heating system) is nearly complete.   All winter, The Husband and Father-in-law have been keeping warm-ish with an old wood stove stuck in a corner of the basement with jury-rigged stovepipe.  Remember my consternation over their plan to use the virgin fireplace to keep warm?  It didn't happen.  The Husband decided a woodstove in the basement would be more practical.  It ain't pretty, but it is better than freezing:

Much like the door, they just happened to have an extra stove lying around. 

Bob says I've already shown you the control center for the radiant heat, but I think the other pictures didn't do it justice.   So, you gotta look at it again:

Part of me wants to live in the woods with just a wood stove and an open fireplace for heat.  And part of me likes regular, even heat throughout the whole house.  The latter me won.  It's the same me that likes non-rustic kitchens and bathrooms.  And DOESN'T WANT BEES, CHICKENS OR A GOAT.    But that's for another post.

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Cedar ... said...

I'm with you, Anne, no chickens, goats or bees, and yes to even heat, and oh yes,... groceries in the cupboards.