Tuesday, December 15, 2009

*I Spy* Quiz Results

Okay lurkers -  no fair giving me comments on a blog post in person.  DJ, you get props for commenting and entering into the spirit of the thing.  And The three new things evident in that photo?  
Drumroll, please......

1) I was standing upstairs looking down on the front door.  What's new about that (besides the fact that I actually climbed a ladder) is that there's a temporary floor up there!  I walked around my upstairs! 

Bob notes that yes, he knows this setup is not OSHA-approved. 

2)  There's insulation going in.  Oh yes there is.  (You can ignore the way the insulation is stuffed in the eaves in the previous post - that's obviously not how it's going to stay - it's just to stop the frigid draft temporarily). Here's a shot of the living room ceiling - and the "real" insulation:

3)  There's actually a door in my front door!  It's not the permanent door, so Bob says it doesn't count.  It counts.  I can pretend it's the real door.  (Apparently, he had a door just lying around.  Who has a door just lying around?)

Isn't it all so exciting?!   More pics to follow, I promise. 


Cedar ... said...

Progress,... definitely!

a Tonggu Momma said...

We'll come when Hotel North Country opens for business. Just so you know. Can I tell the husband that a trip up north can be my Christmas gift THIS year... or will Bob ask us to wait for NEXT Christmas?

Anne said...

@TM - We'll take you whenever we can get you!

smallpines said...

You are totally rocking and rolling! That's awesome. You must be thrilled.