Saturday, December 19, 2009


Remember how I was rooting for a staircase?  Yeah well -- it ain't in yet folks.  But, there's a ladder to the basement with a makeshift protective enclosure.  That's sorta close to a staircase, right?   Right?  Hello?   Anyone?  

All right. No, it's not even really close. But it still give a girl hope. 


a Tonggu Momma said...

It's a staircase... Bob style. And we totally wish Bob was living with us again - at least for the week. 20 inches of snow and counting. With our driveway. Ow.

smallpines said...

LOL - If you can get upstairs, I say it's a staircase! I think that would be the one thing I would be most excited about as it all has been progressing. All seems fine here. If I could just learn how to make a hot fire more quickly! LOL

Cedar ... said...

Getting pretty close to a staircase! Every post you do shows progress ... love it!