Saturday, December 12, 2009

Three things

We stopped by The Lake this afternoon to say 'hi' to my in-laws, to cut down a Christmas tree and so I could see the progress on the house.  The Husband apologized for the lack of blog-worthy progress; I spluttered my disagreement.  Let's hear what you think.   I have more photos that I'll post later, but I want to show y'all this one picture and let you pick out the three new things evident in it. 

Can you spot 'em?  Granted, two of them (in their current format) are temporary, but they represent baby steps on the way to the final product.  And they help me imagine what it'll really be like when it's done.  

1 comment:

dj said...

anne.....i am guessing the window is the permanent change.....

the other temporary things are the door and the ladder going up to the LOFT?

so i say window, door, loft.......three new neat!

i wonder if i am wrong or right? let me know.