Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Anne's Window

Sorry for the silence since Thanksgiving!  I've not even been up to The Lake since then.  But, just because I've not been blogging about it doesn't mean that The Husband hasn't been diligently working on our house!  Progress is... er... progressing. 

Working without a "real" house plan means that certain details haven't been worked out yet.  Terrifying and freeing at the same time.  So, last week we sat down and planned out where the lights will be in the house, especially in the loft/bedroom and living room, since now's the time to decide those details while everything is "open."  So, I've been told that the wiring is going in and insulation over top of that in the topmost ceiling.  Not that I've been there to see for myself, but The Husband is generally trustworthy.  He snapped this pic with his phone today to make up for my shocking blog-slack-ingness:

It's my window.    In the loft/bedroom I departed from our usual plain style and went crazy with a little half-round.  Crazy.    You can see the nice North Country snow on the trees outside if you look carefully. 


Cedar ... said...

Oh, to wake up and look into the tops of the pine trees,... or to see the stars through the pines at night,... there is nothing better! What a wonderful window!

dj reinertsen said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. i have read most of your blog a month or so ago.....love reading about your log home decisions. i would love to have more light in my bedroom. your new window looks gorgeous and looks like it will add a lot of light to the room.

i think i missed in my readings of your blog......where are you living as you build your beautiful home?

re: the victorian farmhouse we had back in missouri.....isnt it weird how we get so attached to our homes? i knew i wanted to live in that house way before i ever drove up the driveway the first time. i can see myself getting more attached to our log home, but the farmhouse is always gonna be "our house". i hope and pray the couple that live there now feel the same way.

take care,

Shelley said...

Beautiful window! And I can see those nice snow covered trees through it! :-)

Anne said...

@ dj
We're living in town now, about 8 miles from The Lake where we're building. I actually would love to renovate the foursquare 1930 home we're in now... strip the woodwork, etc.... in another life.

David said...

Awesome. =)