Friday, November 27, 2009


Yeah yeah yeah...   great family, handsome husband, bountiful blessings, blah, blah, blah....     Wanna know what I'm REALLY thankful for this year?   This: 
Because once the boiler's hooked up, The Husband will be roasty toasty all winter long, as he builds the inside of the house.  

Yes, I know that the boiler house/woodshed is a little... er... rough looking right now.  It ain't gotta be pretty just yet.  Pretty can come later.  I need function.


Anonymous said...

is the rest of that concrete pad for cord stacking?

Anne said...

@ Anonymous -

Not yet. There's more fill to come (to the left in the second pic) and then the pad will be extended and the woodshed expanded so that we'll have protected (interior) firewood storage. But the boiler will be in its own little room within the greater woodshed. Wood storage part can come later -- it's the boiler that's the first priority... for obvious reasons! =)