Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Tale of Two Gables

Now that the east gable of our log house is finished (hooray!), work is starting on the west gable.  And by 'work' I mean the scaffolding is set up.  Bob has pneumonia and my FIL is in Dee-Cee visiting the cousins.  So...   no actual work.  Not right now, at least.  
This gable will be 'stick construction' as opposed to the other one, which Bob adamantly insisted be entirely log.   Mostly because no one will see this side of the house, since it faces the woods and our woodshed/boiler house.
Here are some views of the west side of the house, as it is now.  Hopefully this gable will go much faster than the other, and once The Husband is up on his feet again, I'll chronicle its construction.  Enjoy!

Yes, fascinating, I know.  Hey - it's the back of the house.  Whaddya want?

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Anonymous said...

Wow - you're right up there at the top, This will be it if I remember correctly - it will be completely enclosed. Awesome.