Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back in business!

Can I just take a minute to thank Johnny and Chris?  Thanks, guys, for working on our house for us while Bob was lying around doing nothing these past two weeks.  Sure, he had pneumonia, and then pleurisy.  But that's no excuse.  I mean, c'mon!   So, thanks guys. 

The Husband did go up to The Lake yesterday and they made use of the 60 degree weather to put in the concrete pad for the woodshed/boiler house.   He's paying for it this morning, though!  His poor lungs and muscles were not prepared for the physical exertion.  Eh - he'll get over it.  He's hardy. 

Here are some pictures of yesterday's work:

The west gable is mostly framed up.  Bob is debating whether to put the windows in now or wait until spring.
Inside shot

Outside shot


Cedar ... said...

progress! :) so much sickness lately, hope your hubby is improving.

David said...

Excellent! How will the outside of this gable be finished off?

Anne said...

@David -
Thinking that maybe the outside will be cedar shakes. I wanted Adirondack Siding (rough edged boards), but The Husband says no.

Shelley said...

HOpe your hubby is feeling better! Nice to see your progress on your home!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Make that boy rest some more!