Monday, August 24, 2009

Hidden progress

Not a lot of blog-worthy progress on the house this summer, eh? Lots of great North Country activities to report, but not many new pix on the house. The Husband has been working for clients on The Lake on our non-rainy days and makin' a livin'. Keeps the visible progress to a minimum. {sigh} Except that The Husband and his father have been steadily milling boards for the house. Totally necessary, but totally un-sexy, blog-wise. We need boards for floors, ceilings, trim.... but it looks the same after the first few pics of Bob and his father standing at the sawmill....

hey look, a board!

ooh, another board.

wow. a. board.


So, I'm distracting you all with tales of blueberries and such, hoping for some blog-worthy progress to show soon. One day you'll check in expecting some fascinating tale of ....oh, I don't know... mowing my lawn, and KA-POW! You'll get a staircase or something.



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Tonggu Momma Husband said...

There is a minority readership that would find the mill and the production of boards pretty entertaining. Just sayin'. :-)