Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Floor Joists

Surprise! Okay, it's not a staircase or anything, but it's heartening nonetheless! Bob has finished the joists for the second floor. Some have been done for a while, since they tie into the walls, but the center section has been devoid of joists heretofore. Here's a shot of the lovely, lovely things:

This means that a FLOOR is imminent up there, and, theoretically, a staircase to get one to the second floor. At which point, I'm moving in. I don't care that there's no windows yet and the gable ends are completely open and there's no bathroom or anything. It's going to be me, a flashlight and a sleeping bag from now on, baby.

Come visit.

Some of the boards that The Husband is milling nonstop are being stored up there and I took a picture from below to get an idea of what the ceiling will look like on the first floor. Exposed log joists. Could you die?

Mrs. Crankypants here is assuaged .... for now.


Mary Anne Gruen said...

It looks beautiful! We've got a log home too and love it. Right now we're trying to catch up with the outside staining before the snow flies. Enjoy your new home!


Cedar ... said...

fantastic! and I'll bet it will even look better than the photo. will you make it in before winter? If not, just think how exciting 2010 will be!

Rick and Dianne said...

You don't need a staircase! Just put up a ladder...LOL...I do know the excitement of thinking about having the second floor "done"! The neat thing is that it also almost doubles the size of the living space.

I would happily have camped up there. Problem was we had the 3 dogs and until the railings went up my heart stopped every time one of them went upstairs!

You must be thrilled!